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Electrolysis Testimonials in Somerset, NJ


I had done laser hair treatments on my face and I found it to be expensive and even seemed to get worse! I tried electrolysis with Susan and won't go back to laser. It started with longer sessions, but now I go for touch ups every 4 weeks for only 20 min! It's a low cost, longer alternative than even waxing! She takes a very personalized approach and I never felt like it was about the payment. I look forward to my 'girl time' with Susan!

Susan is fabulous! Been seeing her on and off for years and even though I moved away, she's still the only person I will see for the occasional touch up. Highly recommend

She's great! I've been going for a little over a year now and the results are amazing. I had a very bad hair problem and she really helped me get rid of it.

I absolutely love Susan and would recommend her to anyone. She's brilliant, qualified, and knowledgeable. It's rare you find someone with a medical background who can advise you while administering the electrolysis. Going to her is a pleasure, and she has helped me so much over time with my face.

I'm so surprised that there are only 4 reviews here, considering Susan's schedule is SUPER busy. She obviously has many clients. I thought I'd give a 2015 review lol

I stumbled on Susan's Yelp soon after I turned 30 when my hair growth decided to get worse (At least in MY eyes. Susan said I'm not hairy, but honestly, who has time to deal with hair, period? It's bad enough to be dealing with aging lol) I only recently went for my consultation 2 weeks ago, not knowing what to expect. Speaking to her over the phone, she was very to-the-point & straight business. But, meeting her in person was a 180. She's kind, pleasant, extremely intelligent, and truly makes you feel comfortable in your 'hairy' skin Haha! -badum POW- ;)

On my first appointment, she started on my underarm. The pain is bearable. It's not a 'tattoo' pain. It's more like a stinging/slight burning vibration with a bit of pressure. When she removes the hair, it's exactly tweezing a hair from your underarm (did your eyes water? Lol) I was originally scheduled for an hr, but her previous appointment ran through mine, so she only charged me for 50 min. The honesty is truly appreciative, as I've read on other Electrolysis' Yelps of dishonest time slots. We spoke throughout the entire appointment. She really is a warm, sociable and open minded individual.

Her office is clean. She washes her hands between patients, changes the paper linen, sanitizes the table. I mean, who WOULDN'T want a nurse doing electrolysis?! Lol

There is no hair growth on the area worked on. It's been only a week, so I will update when I can. I have my next appointment tomorrow & I'm really looking forward to seeing her.

I've been going to Susan for electrolysis for years. I started some time in college. As a result of being young and impatient at the time, I stopped going to Susan and turned to laser. What I didn't know at the time was that laser hair removal actually has the opposite effect on fine hair on the face. After 6-8 treatments with 2 different laser professionals, my original peach fuzz now grew coarse and resilient. To make matters worse, my face broke out miserably after each treatment, causing me to go into hiding every 6 weeks.

Feeling completely helpless, I went back to Susan years later and pleaded for forgiveness and mercy. She explained to me that the process will take time, but so long as I stay dedicated to my appointments she will cure me. Sure enough, 1-2 years later, I'm nearly hair free. I went from plucking extremely thick, stubborn hairs DAILY to noticing a couple stragglers here/there every 2-3 weeks. She cleared me up before my wedding on June 9th and since then I go back every couple of months for a quick touch up.

I can't emphasize enough how much Susan has helped cure me. Laser cost me THOUSANDS of dollars and in the end made matters completely worse. She also completely cured my mother who never needs to go back anymore. My experience reminds me a lot of The Tortoise and the Hare: slow and steady wins the race.

Susan has been amazing! She is very professional and accommodating to her client's schedules. After years of dealing with unwanted facial hair, she was able to clear up my most troublesome areas. I waited a long time to have electrolysis done but I wish I had done it sooner. No longer do I carry around my "emergency tweezers"!

I recommend Susan to anyone with an unwanted hair problem.

Thank you, Susan! You are a life-changer!

Dear Susan,

As I get ready to leave again for another semester of school, I wanted to take the time to say Thank You! I appreciate that you put aside so much time in your schedule in order to work with my schedule.

About three years ago I came to you as a last resort, and it ended up being the best thing for me. I had an excessive amount of hair on my face. It was dark: and pinchy, and it made me feel self-conscious. I did not want people to touch my face or get close to it because it did not feel smooth.

Before I carne to you I used to use products from the drugstore but even those products did not always get rid of the thicker hairs, and often ended up making my skin red. I tried waxing but that left my skin irritated as well. I was fed up with using those products so I looked in to permanent options.

I looked into laser hair removal, but I was not a candidate because the laser would not get rid of the blonde hairs. The consultation expert also told me that with the laser I would have to wait for the hairs to grow out before they were removed. She is the one who recommended electrolysis for me.

I didn't really want to do electrolysis because I was afraid it would be very painful. As I talked to more people about it, they said it was not that painful and that they recommended electrolysis because it was permanent. A couple of people I talked to had laser treatment and are now going to electrolysis because their hair started to grow back again.

After my first session with you I could feel a difference in my face. Now after time has passed most of the thick, dark, pinchy hairs are gone. Most of them do not even grow in anymore, and some of the darker hairs that grow in are definitely not as thick. When I wash my face I can feel my skin and not the hairs. This has given me a lot more confidence, since I don't feel people are looking at how hairy I am. Thanks again and I will see you over the summer!

To whom it may concern

I had a terrible facial hair problem for over 20 years. I have fair skin, and dark brown hair, and I used to tweeze my face for at least an hour every morning. I researched many procedures, and I was so excited when I learned about permanent laser hair removal. I thought this procedure was going to be a fast and permanent solution to such a depressing problem. I made an appointment and saw one of the leading laser treatment doctors of the state of NJ. I had to pay $5,000 before I started the laser treatments. The $5,000 entitled me to 5 laser treatments that each lasted for a very short time period. The doctor felt that five treatments were all that I would need to get rid of my facial hair problem.

The actual laser treatment procedure didn't hurt, but afterwards my face was in unbearable pain and it felt like I had third degree bums. I had to have the air conditioning blasting on my face as I drove home because my face felt like it was burning up. Then, it would take at least one week before I felt comfortable to socialize in public. My face first looked like I had a terrible bum and this burn was followed by ugly scabs. I finished doing the five treatments, and for six months my facial hair problem was so much better but I still had many unwanted facial hairs.

Six months later, after all of my laser treatments, all of my facial hair had returned plus now I had a big red mark on my face caused by the laser. I was so depressed and continued to tweeze my face every day. Sometimes, I tweezed my face twice in one day.

Finally, I decided to go get Electrolysis treatments with Susan Rosenberg. At first I went once a week, and now I go once a month just to get a few stray hairs removed. I do not have a facial hair problem anymore and never .tweeze my face anymore. I never worry about people looking at my face in the sunlight anymore. I do not have any red marks, or scars from the electrolysis. It's been two years since I first started going for electrolysis and the hair is permanently gone. I would absolutely recommend electrolysis over laser treatments because the result is a permanent solution.

I volunteered to write this letter and have nothing to gain from it but to educate others about my experience. Susan has my phone number if anyone would like to contact me.


January 28, 2006

Susan Rosenberg, RN., CPE
Somerset Office Plaza Suite 1700
1553 Route 27
Somerset, NJ

Dear Susan,I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the progress you are making on my legs. As you know the hair is very coarse and I was always a little hesitant in baring my legs in the summer. Since you have started working on the legs I feel more comfortable in baring them throughout the year!

I have tried other methods and I find greater success in electrolysis. The method you use seems to work much better and I am able to go right out in public after a treatment without fear of drawing attention to the areas you have worked on. The legs feel so much smoother than when I shaved.

Thank you for giving my confidence back.

February 10. 2006

Dear Susan

This letter is to let you know how thankful I am for the electrolysis work that you have done on my face.

After nearly 20 years of tweezing and bleaching, I came to you out of utter desperation. I couldn't keep up with the time it took to tweeze. Where I bad been tweezing, my skin had a brown discoloration from constant irritation. (Thank you for coaching me on how to correct the problem with a retinae prescription from a doctor.) I also tried bleaching, which wasn't good enough. I hated the smell and the burning sensation. Afterwards, you could always still see a black root near the surface of my skin.

My problem began when I was in seventh grade. I was teased by the kids in school about the dark hair on my upper lip. Being so young and not knowing what to do, I thought it would be alright to tweeze the hairs. That worked for a while, but after years of tweezing, the hairs became much thicker, darker and brittle like. In some spots, you could see hairs before they even reached the surface of my skin. It was most embarrassing when you could tell that people wanted to ask what was wrong, but didn't, because they knew they would hurt me.

It took some time for the electrolysis treatments to work, but I eventually saw the good that it was doing, and it was all well worth it. I definitely plan to continue~ coming to you for bi-monthly maintenance. I could never go back to having the problem that I had, and would never use any other process. Thank goodness for YOU and your profession!


Date: May 07, 2009

Susan Rosenberg, RN., CPE
Electrolysis By Susan Rosenberg
1553 State Route 27
Somerset, NJ 08873

Dear Susan,

I'm writing this letter to thank you for the exceptional electrolysis work you have done on my face. You must remember what a bad facial hair problem I used to have when I first came to see you. Thanks to years of tweezing, bleaching and waxing not only were the hairs on my face very coarse, I had also developed dark shadows on my neck, chin and cheeks due to ingrown hairs, dark roots and discoloration.

Although I knew that electrolysis would probably be the only permanent solution for my hair problem, going into this, I was not aware how important it was to find a good electrologist who would apply the correct, most effective electrolysis method.

Before I came to see you, my experience with another electrologist was very disappointing and may have even aggravated my hair problem further - she would merely pluck out the dark hairs without bothering to use the correct technique. After my first consultation with you, I realized immediately that you were applying the correct treatment that would actually be effective. In the first two weeks I noticed a difference in the hairs growing from the area you had treated. Although, the hairs grew back, they were a lot finer than before.

It's now a little over two years since I started seeing you for electrolysis, and most people cannot tell what a bad facial hair problem I used to have. I still get stray hairs but they are very fine. I come in for my treatment periodically, however, you and I know what a long way I have come and how close I am now to finally having a perfectly clear complexion.

Your commitment to your work and your patients is extraordinary Susan! I am so unbelievably thankful that you have cured my hair problem. I am no longer ashamed to show my face, I don't have to always wear my hair down or hide behind layers of makeup. Thank you, this treatment has totally changed the quality of my life and for that I will always be grateful!

I have been having electrolysis treatments with Susan Rosenberg since November, 2007. I had a lot of facial hair, much of it black and very noticeable, that became impossible for me to take care of with perpetual tweezing which only seemed to make it all grow back twice as fast and heavier than ever.

I was told that Susan was excellent by a friend of mine who recommended her to me, and I have never regretted going to her for my facial and neck hair. In the beginning I needed to go weekly, then less often. Now I only go about once every 6 weeks, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results of these treatments. I expect to have to continue these less and less often until I hope to only go once a year to make sure no unwanted hair is coming through.

Susan is a very gentle person who is highly skilled in her profession. It's a pleasure to have had her services, and I am totally indebted to her for making me feel far more self-confident about my appearance than previously.

If you are considering electrolysis on any part of your body, I strongly recommend this highly qualified professional to you. Her rates are more than reasonable, there is never any waiting time, and I am sure she will give you a brand new level of confidence in your appearance if you are having a problem with unwanted hair. She is a complete gem in how she goes about her work and in the warmth of her personality. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Audrey W.

June 4, 2009.

On 'Electrolysis by Susan Rosenberg'.

I am 39 years old, of Indian (Asian) descent, and have had a facial hair problem since my early teens. I had tried bleaching, depilatories, waxing and tweezing over the last 26 years. The more I used these methods, the more the hair growth increased over the years. I resigned to the thought that "I have the Indian girl's curse!"

My close family friend had recommended I research electrolysis. She is a cosmetologist, also of Indian descent, and had been down the same road I had with regards to facial hair. She had recommended electrolysis even over laser hair removal for my situation due to the overall safety. 15 years prior, she had hairs removed via electrolysis and said these were the only hairs that never grew back. I was a skeptic, but what could I lose at this point but some hair!

Initially, I saw Susan Rosenberg 2-3 times a week due to the amount of hair growth on my upper lip, chin and neck area. The visits quickly dwindled to once a week for several months. A little over a year later, I need a quick touch-up every 3 weeks, literally just minutes in Susan's office. Additionally, the hairs used to be very coarse, similar to my husband's facial stubble! The hairs, if they do grow back, are very fine now, almost unnoticeable.

I highly recommend electrolysis by Susan Rosenberg. Having electrolysis has freed me from the daily and weekly tweezing and waxing that I used to be consumed with. More importantly, having electrolysis has completely eliminated the self-consciousness and embarrassment I used to have with having facial hair. Lastly, Susan's professionalism and personal touch make you feel very comfortable. I cannot THANK HER ENOUGH for changing my life!

Anita T.
Somerset, NJ

I started coming to Susan back in latter part of 2007. I decided to try out electrolysis because i felt like my quality of life was diminishing. I was always so self conscious with how I looked, was unable to be comfortable with anyone that got too close to my face and started avoiding social situations because of it. I was always looking for the quick fix - I tried tweezing, waxing, depilatories and was so tired from the tedious, time-consuming process that always left me dissatisfied with the results. I thought I would have to live with the unwanted hair the rest of my life which starting getting me depressed. Although, I didn't believe I had many options, I decided to finally take the leap and research what electrolysis was all about.

During my consultation with Susan, and the first few times I had electrolysis done, I was very skeptical about the process. I had heard in the past that this method of removing hair was somewhat of a painful and long process and I also heard that it might not work for everyone. I remember asking Susan several times, "Are you sure this is going to work on my type of hair? What are the chances of this not working on me? How long is the entire process going to take before I am hair free?" Susan was not only patient with me, but was comforting and very understanding. She explained that the process can be long but the results are well worth the time. She assured me that I will absolutely be rid of the unwanted hair as long as I am patient and don't lose hope.

During the next few months, I scheduled appointments twice a week at the least. Each appointment would be an hour or more. I was concerned about the hair growth in between the appointments and it took a lot for me to not pluck or wax but I stuck through it. About six months from when I started, I started noticing a gradual improvement. The hair was growing in lighter, finer, and thinner. I didn't have to come in twice a week anymore. I was still skeptical but part of me started believing in the process. As another six months went by, it was still gradually improving but I was growing more impatient. I was thinking to myself "What if I have to go to Susan for the rest of my life in order to upkeep this? Will I ever be completely rid of the hair?"

All of sudden, a couple months later, it was like a light switch went off. The hair stopped growing. Sure, there were the few hairs that grew in from time to time that was nothing compared to what I started with. My unwanted hair used to be thick and stubborn. The few (by few I really just mean 4-5 hairs that grew in every now and then) were hardly noticeable! The process did work! Just when I was ready to throw in the towel and give up, it worked! Now, I go to Susan maybe once every 4 weeks, if that. And I am there for less than 15 minutes. I can go out in the sunlight, I don't mind when people touch my face and I almost forgot that I ever even had a problem. Susan really changed my life. Besides being the person that brought my confidence back, I really do consider Susan a friend. Her warm, caring, supportive nature is what made me kept going back to her. I trusted her when she said this would work and I am really glad I did.

So, for anyone that is currently in the showes that once were mine, don't give up. No matter how much you doubt the process and no matter how long it takes, that final results are absolutely amazing. I did not think it could happen to me but it did. If you have unwanted hair and if you are at all displeased by it, get the electrolysis done. It is the best gift you can give yourself.

Someret, NJ

November 10, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Re: Susan Rosenberg

When I moved to New Jersey from New York City I was worried that I would not be able to find a competent, hygienic electrologist - then I found Susan. I have been going to Susan Rosenberg for electrolysis for many years, for all different areas of my body. In addition to "cleaning up" the usual areas - face, including eyebrows and upper lip, I had a severe bikini line hair problem. Over the years, I would alternately shave or have my bikini line waxed. It was always an issue, especially during bathing suit season. Although it was a big undertaking, I am so happy because my bikini line is completely hair free. Now, not only do I not have to worry razer stubble or about hair growth too short to be waxed, but my skin around the bikini line area is always smooth as can be.

Most important of all, Susan is a licensed professional who is also a registered nurse, so there is no question but that her equipment is clean and safe. I would highly recommend her. As far as I am concerned there is only one electrolysist to choose - Susan Rosenberg.

Very truly yours,
Susan K.

Susan's work is absolutely amazing. Be patient and the result will be fruitful. Her best qualities are detail oriented, focus and patient. She gets the job done, just trust her.

- Sarika

My name is Rekha, and I am from India. After years of daily tweezing I am amazed at the fabulous results electrolysis has produced in just about one year. I am a person who had so much facial hair, that without tweezing every morning for half hour or more, I could not go out in public

Even though I knew about Electrolysis and laser I did not go for these treatments, thinking I will not be able to afford them. Somehow, I don't know what made me, one morning I could not see myself in the mirror and started crying. With some courage I made an appointment for my 1st Laser treatment, paid so much for one session, and was told to come in a month's time again. I just could not do that because my problem was such, I had to tweeze every day, or else I would look like a monkey. I knew Laser was not for me right there and then, and it was also very expensive.

I started looking at the websites for an Electrolygist. Susan was the 1st person I called. I thought she will give me an appointment after a week or two. She is such a nice person she asked me to come same day. Susan spoke to me, and made me feel as though mine was not a big problem at all. Susan's knowledge and skill in her profession have restored my self-confidence.

I was very lucky to have been having Susan as my Electrologist. From the very first appointment, I've noticed an amazing improvement in treated areas.

Susan is one of the best in the business. Not only are her skills as an Electrologist exceptional, she also really understands the emotional side of having unwanted hair, and always makes me feel comfortable when I come in for treatment. Simply put, I would not go anywhere else or receive alternative treatment. She is also very reasonable. Granted, one will have to spend some savings, but surely (100%) it is worth it.

Please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Just wanted to add my thanks to you for your great work. Over the course of 50 years I have had electrolysis done in 4 states and other practitioners some of whom were also RN's. You are by far, THE BEST.
- Rachel

Hi Susan,

I am an Indian American with a polycystic ovaries problem. I had tons of thick hair on the face for many years. I used to thread my face daily or else the hair will grow like men's beard within 12-15 hrs. Usually they say laser treatment is painless and a permanent solution for the hair problem. So i tried it though it was expensive, to get rid of my facial hair. Each sitting, cost me couple of hundred dollars.

The professional laser doctor could not set the laser heat right because i am dark skinned and burnt my skin on the face several times. Also the hair growth came back every time i stopped. My face was full of burn marks, i was tired of it. Finally my husband said do not hurt yourself and burn face skin i love the way u are forget laser. Slowly i became very sad inside since i could not talk to people, go to any job. People used to stare at my face and make judgments seeing my facial hair not knowing the underlying problem i was very much depressed.

I heard and read many times about electrolysis that it is the permanent solution to hair problem. So i thought of giving a final try. I tried some home electrolysis kits but they were not working for me. I found it hard to use. One day i just was browsing to find an electrologist and Susan Rosenberg's name popped up. I read about her and gave her a call. That was the most memorable day of my life. She was very caring and understanding when i described my situation. She asked me to come immediately on a weekend to assess my situation. I went and talked to her, that very moment i did not even think for a second, did not have a single doubt in my mind, i had developed complete confidence in her the moment i saw her. I knew she is my doctor; she will take care of me. "only one thing she told me was" trust me and be patient", "u will see the results. “best electrologist you will find in nj . She is the best and will always be!!

Thank you, avk

I've been going to Susan for the past 3 years and she is awesome! I had a hair problem along my chin and some on my neck, she used the Blend method and I was hair-free in no time. Initially, I was going once a week, after a month I started going 3 times in 2 weeks, soon after I was going once in 2 weeks. Because the results have been so great on my chin, neck and sideburns, I continued going to Susan for treatment on other body parts… my stomach and lower back in particular. She has done an amazing job and I recommended her to all my friends, and soon enough, all of them started going to Susan for different things…eyebrows, underarms, stomach, face. She is the best Electrologist and will not only remove your hair for good, but she is almost like a therapist who I don't have to pay for. She gives great advice :-) I highly recommend Susan!!!

- Nisha